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Just because it starts bad that doesn't mean it will end bad

But it did!

Let's start this with me letting you know that what I'm about to say might actually offend some people. Are we okay with that? I mean it could really be offensive from what I've heard people say on this subject. Pause for effect! Okay I have finally found the courage to put these words on the blog. So, without further delay here they are. I hated Sedona! Not the kind of hate you had for spinach (I can hear people saying "I didn't hate spinach") when you were growing up and couldn't leave the table before eating it all off your plate(okay, fine, you liked spinach! Can we just move on)). No, this is the pure kind of hate, the kind we all keep bottled up inside for those truly despicable things. I'm not going to give an example because the spinach lovers out there took my last example to seriously. Sure Sedona is beautiful, but to me the place had a vibe that was like a brick wall (back to using examples) that I would never be able to push through. How bad was my dislike? I hated every second, of every minute, of all seventeen hours we spent there. Yessss everyone, even when I slept. Patti I think, could take it or leave it and since I was driving, she left it! We did drive around looking at the sights and taking pictures, just not for long. Let me apologize again if I might have offended you. Sorrrrrryyy

On our way home we started to take "old historic route 66" which was something we wanted to do. Started, just started, no really that's it, started.
We did about a mile before we came across our first "attraction" to be experienced. Petrified forest, that's what we left route 66 for, don't ask, I have no idea how it was. This "petrified forest" was eighteen miles off of route 66, we get to this "Wonder Of The Natural World" and it wasn't there. Gift shops sure, fake dinosaurs, yep, petrified forest, we didn't see it. It's not like you can hide a petrified forest when non Sedona loving people come around. Maybe I'm just paranoid about my "views" on Sedona but the sign at the place where this supposed petrified forest was said "Entrance 1/2 Mile". Sixty seven miles later we were getting back on the interstate and still no petrified forest. Odd don't you think?

Original plan was to go to Albuquerque, NM. for the night. Do you see how my plans work out? Here I am in Amarillo, Texas wondering how it all went so wrong. Patti didn't like the looks of Albuquerque (I didn't ask why) so I drove another 250 miles to Amarillo where the first hotel we went to was booked solid. No problem, go to another hotel. Problem! Apparently pulling out of a hotel at night is a crime in Amarillo because we promptly got pulled over by the Amarillo police. My trumped up charge was that I failed to use my turn signal after I made a left at a traffic light. In my defense, I didn't use it because I figured that with an Amarillo police cruiser six inches off my bumper with all of HIS lights going, nobody would see the blinker anyway. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! All is well, no ticket and he pointed us in the direction of a hotel with available rooms and where I am now going to lay down and try to fall asleep.

Patti's chauffeur,

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