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The journey begins Sept. 12th.

No reservations made, no real itinerary, just a broad outline of where we'd like to go.

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Getting ready for our adventure

One more week until we finally leave.

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42 hours and counting

So our journey begins in 42 hours! Seventeen days of wandering the western half of our country! Can't wait to see nothing but open spaces and blue skies!! (Hopefully!)

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On Our Way

Hi everyone! Greetings from Akron Ohio! Its 3:30 am & we just got to Ohio! Not much to tell you about Ohio, but hopefully I will post some pictures soon!( don't know what to take a picture of in Ohio!) Will post more soon! Good Night!

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A day of traffic

Friday was not a good travel day, actually it sucked. Our GPS that is supposed to keep us out of traffic has a very sick sense of humor. For some reason known only to the GPS gods it took us into Chicago at 5:15pm on Friday afternoon(I disowned it shortly afterwards). For those of you following the Chicago traffic reports Friday(me neither) you know that it was a complete mess. On the plus side, if anyone needs a couple of hours of dasham footage of the Sears Tower I'm your guy. Lots of money being spent on roads out here, not really on the roads but on traffic cones, closing lanes and putting up 45 mph speed limit signs. We've driven through HUNDREDS of miles of construction zones in just two days and if someone knows the answer to this please let us know. Why in all these construction zones do they make the trucks drive in the left lane?
We are experiencing technical issues with some of our cameras and computers so you'll have to wait until Saturday for pictures.Patti had one heck of a wedding anniversary Friday sitting in traffic and dealing with me, I'm sure she will update everyone Saturday morning. And to my Sister, don't worry I'm still looking for that perfect gift for you.


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